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Social Media in HR and Recruitment

Attracting and retaining talent may be considered the most important objective for an HR / Talent Acquisition department. Finding the right talent in the market is incredibly difficult and recruiters have tried different methods in order to find the best possible candidates for an organization. Recruitment involves attracting, selecting, and hiring the most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. The recruitment process has numerous moving parts; analyzing job requirements, attracting employees, screening and selecting applicants, and then hiring and integrating the new employee into the organization.

The surge of technology in the 21st century has seen many modern day recruitment methods come into play, some which have made a significant impact in landing candidates. Social media, as an example, is an inexpensive tool that can pull a vast pool of potential candidates within a short period of time. Social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have communities for potential employees to submit their resumes and credentials.

In 2016 the Society for Human Resource Management conducted a survey to learn more about organizations’ use of social media for talent acquisition. Their results showed a rise in social media, online search engines and career websites, as well as mobile recruiting. However, this also showed an increase in finding information on social media profiles that resulted in not hiring a candidate.

To that end it is important for recruiters to determine how to use these new tools in finding potential candidates. It’s also necessary to keep in mind what skills a candidate brings to the table as opposed to what their profiles might indicate. Equally important is for employee candidates to be purposeful and aware of what they are sharing online, particularly if they are actively job hunting. These factors can help in maintaining social media as an appropriate recruiting tool.

In the age of Social media, first impressions can mean something altogether different for both hiring managers, as well as job seekers. As companies find more value in recruitment via social media and turn to various sites in order to check out candidates; employees also have the ability to effectively utilize social media to make their best first impression for a potential job.

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