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President’s Message

Arun Verma

Arun Verma

President and CEO

From our humble beginnings over 30 years ago in the basement of my former home in Washington Township, New Jersey, to the recognized worldwide provider of IT Software and Services solutions we are today, DATA Inc. has prided itself on building a capability of understanding the client and best serving our clients in providing effective and cost-saving solutions by utilizing the right mix of people and controls. This successful strategy has been built in large part through our partnering with organizations on both a local and global basis.

Technology continues to evolve, and the industry continues to change. With cloud computing now prevalent, the internet of things, along with social media and mobile technology, the global competition for talent has become more intense. As we look towards the future and the new and exciting developments taking place, we remain committed to engaging more of the right mix of people and technology in order to continue delivering on our promise of understanding your targets and providing the right solutions to fit your needs.

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