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“I engaged DATA Inc. to help us develop the “eBook” (electronic order book) application. This system replaced the existing individual paper books maintained by each trader. The electronic version of the order book captures all information needed to process trade orders, provides commission and tax calculations, provides for override capabilities, and eliminates a large percentage of paper distribution. This system was integrated with existing mainframe applications via MQ Series and via CICS Gateway to record the trade related information into the main system to help the back office people.

The reason we hired DATA, Inc is because of our long and successful prior relationship with them. DATA, Inc. has been able to supply excellent staff at a reasonable cost. They also have a large diverse staff in numerous locations (US, UK, India) that was very important for this assignment. This application needed to be implemented in the UK and was being designed from the US based systems area therefore we needed a company that could work both in Europe and the United States. We relied heavily on the DATA Inc Development Center and Development Staff in Montvale, NJ.

This initiative was a highly visible and business sensitive project that had many aggressive time constraints. Even with the aggressive time constraints, DATA Inc. adhered to their disciplined software development procedures and delivered a high quality product without incident.

Due to the success of the implementation additional funding was granted for a second phase and of course we hired DATA Inc. to partner with us on the next set of deliverables. As always, the relationship with DATA Inc. was very professional and very amicable. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

F. Graziadio

Director, International Private Client Group Technology, Merrill Lynch, New York, NY

“We are exceptionally pleased with your response and know that the work of DATA Inc group of companies will continue to be of the highest quality and professionalism as we have experienced in the past.”

Gerald Katen

National Principal, ITS/NS Liaison, IBM Global Services, New York, NY

“It is with great pleasure that I respond to your request. DATA, Inc. has been a long-standing household name at DTCC. Over the years, let it be known that DATA, Inc. has helped to achieve many of the company goals as well as industry goals. DATA, Inc. has developed applications both domestically and abroad for the depository. Some of the larger applications that were developed abroad were CMOP, IVORS, PTS Modernization, and Maintenance of the Proxy System and the reengineering of the Standard Industry Database (SID). All of these systems required multiple years of effort, were very complex and completed within budget and on schedule. DATA, Inc. is highly recommended for both domestic and offshore development projects.”

J. Bellantoni

Managing Director, Applications Development, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, New York, NY

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