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Custom Application Development

The Challenge

Today, organizations are faced with myriad challenges when determining how to meet continuously emerging enterprise technology requirements.

If you or your technology department is faced with the following questions:

  • Should we go with an off-the-shelf solution?
  • How can we fix our off-the-shelf solution to work for us?
  • Does an off-the-shelf solution exist to meet our requirements?
  • How can we extend our investment in our off-the-shelf solution?

Your organization has more then likely outlived the usefulness of their off-the-shelf solution and / or cannot identify an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution to fit their needs.

The Solution

Developing a custom application to address the needs of the people that drive the daily operations of your organization is critical to building on the foundation of success and continued growth.

From a simple digital dashboard designed to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, to a customized and far-reaching enterprise solution designed to streamline your business, custom solutions development can bring myriad benefits including:

  • Cost efficiency – An initial investment in custom solutions can help decrease costs over the course of an application’s lifecycle – bringing cost savings and increased efficiency when dealing with the bottom line.
  • Increased productivity – By addressing the entire business case up-front through technology, an organization can effectively identify how to increase the productivity of their most important capital of all – their people.
  • Increased competitiveness – Custom solutions can help increase the competitiveness of an organization in responding to the ever evolving requirements of their clients in the new age global economy.

The Experience

The Custom Application and Industry teams of DATA Inc. possess the right mix of business expertise and technical knowledge to develop the right solutions to help reduce costs, increase productivity and increase your competitiveness.

Our core team of business and technical experts possess over 25 years of knowledge in identifying and solving critical business issues. Working with our core team of technologists who possess certifications and expertise in multiple technology platforms such as Microsoft, IBM and Sun, DATA Inc. can develop a solution that can help you consolidate your data and information and streamline your critical business processes.

For more information on our development capabilities, please refer to the documents below, or contact us:

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