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The Challenge

Creating a more effective workforce through training is key to growth within an organization. Online learning platforms have become the media of choice for delivery.

The expansion of the e-learning landscape has opened up limitless possibilities; allowing employees to expand their knowledge and maintain productivity.

However, most e-learning solutions do not work ‘out-of-the-box.’ Customization, whether connecting and consolidating disparate data sources, or developing content is usually required to meet the needs of an organization in general and the student in particular.

The Solution

The development of extension applications, whether a digital dashboard designed to provide information to an HR department, or a web portal designed to streamline access can enhance the student’s experience; facilitating a return on investment that can be measured by the enhanced skills of a viable workforce.

In addition, custom content, developed around a thoroughly defined curriculum and taking into account the needs of the student and organization can further enhance the learning experience.

Engaging a vendor that can deliver the right balance of technology enhancement with custom content development can provide organizations with the key to realizing true potential within an organizational workforce.

The Experience

E-learning solutions from DATA Inc. are scalable, integrated systems that support an organization’s complete set of classroom and online learning activities, resources and materials.

Our e-learning solutions take advantage of the latest trends in technology to deliver a full management system, required content and materials including:

    • Learning Content – Working with industry experts, DATA Inc. can develop customized training content designed to engage the trainees, facilitating the flow of knowledge between instructors and trainees.
    • Virtual Classroom – A virtual classroom complete with interactive tools to engage trainees in the material presented.
    • Management System – Full management system for administering all training courses and assessing trainees.

For more information on our e-learning solutions, please refer to the documents below, or contact us:

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