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Manufacturing Supply Chain & Transportation


In today’s global economy, the cars you drive and the products you buy are the result of a global network, moving large-scale resources to manufacturing plants, then shipping finished products to consumers. Behind the scenes lies a global supply chain and transportation network that interconnects railroads, trucks, airplanes and ocean container ships.

Business Case

Knowledge, throughout the supply chain and transportation process, is usually lost due to a disconnected and disparate technology infrastructure. While uniform standards exist for communication, the interpretation of these standards varies between manufacturing, transportation and warehouse organizations.

In addition, the lack of an effective connection between multiple legacy systems can pose additional challenges in streamlining the way manufacturing and supply chain companies conduct business.



Re-developing, re-deploying and / or re-engineering these disparate systems can hold the key to streamlining the way organizations conduct business. From the re-development of an extensive Manufacturing Resource Planning System to the tracking of deliverables throughout the supply chain utilizing the right technology holds the key.

DATA Inc. has over 25 years of experience in working with manufacturing / supply chain and transportation organizations to streamline the way they do business by providing the right resources, development capabilities and business knowledge.



Our expertise includes

  • After Sales and Finance Systems
  • Corporate Database Support
  • CRM Strategy & Planning
  • Customer Technology
  • Data Resource Management (DRM)
  • Dealer and Customer Systems
  • Delivery Information
  • Enterprise Data Strategy and Planning
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • eSolutions
  • Intl Trade Systems
  • IT Shared Services
  • Marketing Systems
  • Package systems
  • Payroll
  • Sales Application
  • SAP Regional Support
  • Transportation Technology
  • Vehicle Sales and Distribution Systems
  • World Ship



Successful client relationships include

  • A Fortune 100 Supply Chain Company
  • DF Young
  • Mercedes Benz USA
  • Motion Labs


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