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Public Sector & Government


Within a global society, corporations and individuals are in a position to support public sector partners in facilitating a new age of technology to fulfill the needs of the constituent.

Global governments require a technology partner that can take best practices in the private sector and translate them into a solution that will help streamline the process that drives agencies in servicing their constituents.

Business Case

Due to this new era of technological challenges, government agencies have an opportunity to foster new opportunities that will benefit constituents. Current legacy systems that drive the daily operations of an organization, while serving their respective agencies and constituents well, are in need of re-engineering or replacement in order to increase effectiveness and drive costs down.



Essential procedures that aid the creation of an efficient government operation include the streamlining and/or the replacement of processes and re-engineering. Various technological advancements have spurred the development of new applications dealing with knowledge exchange and security measures, that has helped to streamline the way government does business.

DATA Inc. possesses global expertise in both the development and deployment of an array of applications and resources for government organizations. Our business analysts, along with our experienced development staff, can marry private sector experience with best practices from the public sector to deliver solutions that can help streamline the way business is conducted.


Our expertise includes

  • Agriculture
  • Corporation Commission
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Judiciary
  • Retirement
  • Transportation
  • Treasury / Revenue

Successful client relationships include

  • State of Arkansas
  • State of Delaware
  • State of New Jersey
  • State of North Carolina
  • New Castle County, Delaware
  • State of Ohio
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Commonwealth of Virginia

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